2016-2017 Hip hop and street dance, Flow Dance Academy Oslo
2013-2016 Bachelor in jazz and contemporary, The Norwegian Collage of Dance
2010-2013 Drama and acting, Hartvig Nissen high school


2022 The invisible people Kvääniteatteri Dancer, actress
2022 Pohjoinen-Davvi-Nord-North Tornedalsteateret. Tour in Sweden, Norway and Finland Dancer, actress
2022 Feet with roots The Norwegian Folk Museum Dancer, choreographer
2022 Tanssin kaiku/Echo of the dance Educational films of Kven dance Dancer, choreographer
2022 Ekko Elvebakkenrevyen Instructor, choreographer
2021 Nordens krokodille Unge Viken Teater. Tour in Norway Dancer, choreographer, actress, writer
2021 Den kvenske arven Improvisation performance with jazz musician Arve Henriksen Dancer, choreographer
2021 Blòt Salt Art & Music Dancer, actress
2021 En dans gjennom vår tid Musicvideo Choreographer, director
2021 Comercials for Delikat Fus! Actress
2019-2020 Merenneidon helmet/The mermaid’s pearls Tour in Norway Dancer, choreographer, actress, producer
2020 Bomstadskvenene Historical play Choreographer and dancer
2020 Døden/Death Elvebakkenrevyen Choreographer
2019 Kjøss meg på munnen Elvebakkenrevyen Choreographer
2019 Comercials for Handel og Kontor FUS! AS Actress
2018-2019 Nyami, Nyami Compassion2Dance Company Dancer
2018 Izindava Tavaziva Dance Company Dancer
2018 Aldriland Black Box theater Script writer
2018-2019 While the world pases by Dance/5 Trikkehallen and Oslo jazz dance festival Dancer, choreographer, script wrighter
2018 Comercials for Vipps Willy Nikkers Actress
2018 Tampen brenner Frilynt Norge Choreographer
2018 Comercials for Let’s deal FUS! AS Actress
2018 Vi må snakke om miljø Elvebakkenrevyen Choreographer
2018 Angels Amongst Us Compassion2dance Company Dancer
2017 The fear and the thrust, scene 2 from El Rayo Oslo theater festival Dancer
2017 SiloWatt, et isloert samspill Statnett, Riksteateret Choreographer
2017-2020 Grandma’s Dancing Touring dance performance Dancer
2017 F20 Music video/ art film Dancer
2017 Another day of sun Konserthuset, Oslo Choreographer
2017 Opening act, National Assembly of Industry and Energy Folkets Hus Choreographer
2017 Time was Pre project, Oslo Dancer, choreographer, script writer
2017 Late som Tøyenfesten 2017 Choreographer
2017 El Rayo Script development, Oslo Theatre Center Dancer
2017 Ve/eV Dance performance, Scenehuset Dancer
2017 Mellomrom (In between) Revue, Elvebakken Choreographer
2017 Professional Distortion Pre project, Trondheim Dancer
2016 Christmas show Substans Dance performance, Riksscenen Dancer
2016 Iustisia Performance, Blitz scene Dancer, voice actress
2016 Døgnfluer 3 musicals in 24 hours , KhiO Choreographer
2016 We go together Choreography for wedding Choreographer
2016 Hav-språk (language of ocean) Pre project, Moss Dancer, physical actress
2016 Graduation ceremony The Concert House, Oslo Choreographer
2016 NCoD’s 50 yrs. anniversary Dance performance, Riksscenen Dancer, solo singer
2016 Graduation performance NDH Dance performance, Riksscenen Dancer, ensemble singer
2016 Ut å stjæle paller Revue, Elvebakken Choreographer
2015 Christmas show Dance performance, NCoD Dancer, ensemble singer
2015 Tetris Guest performance, Karlsrud school Dancer
2015 Nothing Sacred Dance performance, DogA Dancer
2015 The Walking Dead Radio theatre, Noroff Voice actress
2015 Tetris Dance performance, Trikkehallen Dancer
2014 Christmas show Dance performance, NCoD Dancer
2014 Christmas concert The Swedish church, Oslo Solo singer
2014 Rhythm of Hope Dance performance, DogA Dancer
2014 Yo Gak-Amsanganzira The National Theatre, Uganda Dancer
2013 Christmas show Dance performance, NCoD Dancer
2013 Det Aller Viktigste The theatre festival of Hartvig Nissen Actress
2013 Photographer: Astrid Bang Kunstnernes Hus Dance model
2012 Ibsens Kvinner/ (Peer Gynt) Hartvig Nissen Actress (Anitra)
2011 Army Dreamers Hartvig Nissen Actress


Date of birth 18.09.1994
Eye color Green
Hair color Strawberry blonde
Height 166 cm
Dialect Eastern Norway/Oslo